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I’m Alexandra and I make picturebooks. With each book I’m in search for the tools that help me to better express my idea and this forces me to use all kind of materials: guache, acrylic, coloured pencils and different tehniques: painting, collage, cutouts, monotype, linotype, whatever it neds to get the story into the world.

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2022 Golden Pinwheel Illustration Special Mention at the China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair

2021 Longlisted for Klaus Flugge Prize

2019 Shortlisted for Nami Councurs 

2019 Longlisted for AOI Awards

Book Reviews for Lost:

Prof. Martin Salisbury

This exceptional debut picturebook by Romanian artist, Mîrzac follows Cat’s growing suspicion that he is invisible as his attempts to engage his increasingly work-preoccupied householders meet with growing indifference. Cat decides to strike out into the big city to seek some more attentive playmates, only to find himself lost, lonely and even less visible in the uncaring metropolis.

Employing an exquisite balance of delicate line drawing with large areas of flat colour, limited to black, red and blue, Mîrzac takes us on a Cat’s eye-level journey into the unforgiving nocturnal metropolis. We find ourselves dwarfed by the monumental figures that step over and around us as they look at their phones, carry their deliveries and grapple with their children. Cat’s realisation that he is lost is described in a stunning panoramic centrefold of night time city traffic, with a glimpse of Cat’s desperately searching owners. Narrative graphic art at its best!

Golden Pinwheel Jury

Mîrzac's beautifully crafted illustrations tell the story of a cat who felt 'invisible' in a home where the owners are preoccupied with other matters. The cat's nocturnal journey into the metropolis in search of attention is described through three carefully layered flat colours, augmented by patches of hand-drawn line. The jury loved the craft skills and exploitation of scale to create visual drama and pathos in this tender visual narrative.

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"This cat manages to have the look of a human that has had a hard life"

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